St. Paul Fellowship

How to get connected

It’s one thing to come to church on Sunday mornings (it’s a good thing, and we hope you’ll come!), but it’s another thing to really connect and become part of a church.

If you find yourself wishing that you could connect to people more at St. Paul Fellowship, here are a few things you could do:

1. Join a “life group”.  Life Groups are our way of intentionally connecting with each other in smaller groups on a regular basis.  They’re safe places where you can be very real and share more deeply about things going on in your life than you might be able to do on a Sunday morning.  They’re also places where people just hang out and have fun together.  If we could only suggest one thing to do to help you connect more deeply here at SPF, joining a life group would be it.  We have a bunch of different groups that meet in various areas of the Twin Cities and have various demographic makeups. Email our church secretary, Lisa Schaefer, to get connected to a Life Group.

2. Come to our Wednesday night prayer meeting!

We consider our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting to be the fuel that keeps the engine at Spf running. God has said in his Word, “Call unto me, and I will answer…” (Jeremiah 33:3); and we firmly believe that this Word still holds true today. It is for this reason that we gather each Wednesday evening to seek the Lord and to intercede for others.

A special part of the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting is the time we take to pray for needs for each other. Prayer requests that come in to Saint Paul Fellowship are prayed over both individually and corporately each Wednesday evening, as we believe God for an answer to needs. Why don’t you join us next Wednesday evening? Doors open at 6:00pm for those who want individual prayer, and the service begins at 7:00pm.

3. If you’re a mom (of any age), come to Mom’s Coffee Hour on Tuesdays at 10:00. Bring your kids – childcare is provided for an hour and a half while you take a break, have some refreshments and enjoy the company of other women. And hey, if you’re a woman who doesn’t have kids, we welcome you too! It’s possible that there will be a lot of talk about kids, though.

4. One of the best ways to feel like you belong somewhere is to just join in and start helping out! We have lots of opportunities to volunteer at St. Paul Fellowship, both on Sunday mornings and other times. Click here to email Lisa Schaefer for a list of ways you could help, or to talk about ideas you may have for other ways you could serve!

5. Come to a “new people” lunch.  Every so often we have a lunch after church for people who still consider themselves “new” to the church, whether they’ve been coming for a week or six months.  It’s just one more way we can make sure we’re getting to know you, and you us.

We’re a pretty non-intimidating bunch.  Come introduce yourself to us, and you’ll probably find it easy to get involved and connected.