St. Paul Fellowship


SPF is “come as you are.” To be part of SPF is to mingle with people from different races, ages (lots of kids!), ethnicities, income levels, and educational backgrounds. In the midst of our differences, we simply try to be who we really are, and to bless one another with the gifts God has given us.

Lots of music. Our worship band plays a mix of contemporary songs and hymns. Music is very important to many of us, but our focus is not on the band. The band’s goal is to enable the congregation to sing and pour their hearts out to God. In other words, worship at SPF does not feel like a show or a concert – it’s a congregational experience.

Our preaching is accessible to someone who has never been to church before, while also challenging long-time believers to live out their faith in more profound ways.

We are an evangelical church, meaning we trust in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins, we look to the Bible as our final authority on matters of faith and practice, and we have a strong desire to share the gospel of Christ with those who have not heard. We steer clear of theological hobbyhorses, which means we focus on the central truths of scripture. While we love theology, we tend not to argue about its finer points.