St. Paul Fellowship

Silent Auction 2014

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WHAT: A Silent Auction!

WHY: To raise money for scholarships, so that everyone can attend the all-church retreat at Covenant Pines Bible Camp in March 2015

WHEN: At the anniversary banquet, Sunday, October 12th

WHO & HOW: You!  Everyone has some talent, some skill, some time that they’d be able to spend doing something that others will pay for!  Babysitting, food, professional skills, handyman work, gardening help, raking/mowing/shoveling/weeding, etc., etc., etc. The sky’s the limit!

Or maybe you have access to some tickets to a sporting event that you’d be willing to donate! Or maybe your family has a cabin that you’d be willing to allow someone to use for a few days! Think BROADLY. You have something you can donate.

Or maybe you have an item of value (worth $20 or more) that you’d like to donate!  Great!

To donate, just fill out the form on the left, with detailed information about your service or item in the “message” area.

Thank you!!