St. Paul Fellowship

SPF Discipleship

Our Shared Understanding of Discipleship

A Disciple of Jesus Christ is someone who:

  • Follows Jesus out of Love because He died for their sins.
  • Desires to grow in their Faith because they want to be more and more like Jesus.
  • Is willing to limit their options and discipline themselves so they have the capacity to serve others.
  • Loves their brothers and sisters and neighbors and enemies.

A Disciple of Jesus Christ grows up by participating in Worship, Community, and Outreach in a local church.


  • We read, study, and teach the Bible, and/or have it read to us regularly so we can know how God wants us to live and how He wants to help us.
  • We cheerfully obey what the Bible says because we believe it is God’s word and not man’s.
  • We pray every day, individually and together, because we know we need God’s presence, provision, power, and protection to live well.
  • We pay attention to the Holy Spirit inside us, and inside others, because otherwise we will be proud and selfish.
  • We identify ourselves primarily as children of God who are accepted by Jesus, rather than by our age, race, personality, or socioeconomic status.


  • We make it a priority to attend church every Sunday, and to participate in other church gatherings because that’s how much we need God and each other.
  • Based on what the Bible itself says, we teach that God created Man in his own image, male and female, and that he therefore designed Marriage to reflect that divine image as a holy, complementary union of one man and one woman.
  • In order to honor God and one another, we practice sexual relations only within the context of biblically defined Marriage, and we practice Love, Respect, and Faithfulness toward our spouse.
  • As parents, we seek to motivate, discipline, and teach our children with the authority of God’s Word, the love of Jesus, and the help of His Spirit so they will know how to live rightly.
  • As children, we respect and obey our parents because God says this is right.
  • We seek to discover our individual gifts and use them to serve God and others as part of a unified team effort in St. Paul Fellowship.
  • We practice forgiveness and patience in all our relationships in order to preserve the unity of our families and our church.
  • We give regularly and generously of our time and money to support the mission of Christ at St. Paul Fellowship.

How we do OUTREACH

  • Our deepest desire is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who don’t yet know Him because we believe this to be every person’s deepest need.
  • We seek to reach beyond our comfort zones to engage Frogtown in all its diversity with incarnational, pastoral, and prophetic expressions of the love of Jesus Christ.
  • We invite others to come see and hear.
  • We warmly welcome and engage visitors just as they are.
  • We position ourselves as learners in order to build peaceful relationships across the barriers of race, gender, politics, personality, age, and socioeconomic status.

We keep on working at the character qualities listed above, knowing that it takes a lifetime to learn to follow Jesus, and that it’s all about Him.

Posted in Messages on March 12, 2016.

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